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Posted about 7 years ago by Karen Blankenship

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Good Morning! 

We would like to bring you up to date on what’s new in your own backyard of Florida. In this newsletter you will find the following: 

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Quote of the Month:
"One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests." 

- Peter Marshall


Founder and Foundation-A winning combination

The "power of giving" is a bond between the AANP Foundation and Loretta C. Ford (co-founder of the first nurse practitioner education program) who have established the "Loretta C. Ford Leave a Legacy" fund to benefit NPs through scholarships, grants and educational assistance 

Dr. Ford's contributions to the NP role have been significant and vast, historically and continuously. Her work on this issue began when she launched the NP movement for specialized training to "assess, diagnose, treat and evaluate. Her mission was to care for and about people in a compassionate, competent and caring way." Dr. Ford introduced the NP program using the public health nursing model in 1965 and was surprised to receive tremendous resistance. Having been through the Great Depression, World War II and many other life challenges, she drew upon her heritage and conviction to persevere. 

Her persistence paid off, and since then, she has steadily provided leadership, advocacy and authorship of hundreds of publications on NP history, education and issues in advancing nursing practice and health care. 

Now she has added a voice of philanthropy for giving back. "It is the power of giving, where you can insist that gender issues, rights and education are honored.," shared Dr. Ford. She urges NPs to support their colleagues and those still in training with the habit of routine giving. "He who gives while he lives, knows where it goes," is a quote she offers and practices with her husband of over 60 years."Dr. Ford's commitment to education and better health for the nation is exemplary. 

The Loretta Ford Legacy Society and Dr. Ford will be spotlighted at the AANP Foundation's Honors Dinner to be held this June in Orlando at the AANP National Conference. 

For more background on Dr. Ford, visit and view a short 2011 documentary filmed by Susan Hagadorn titled "The Disruptive Innovator." For more information on how you can leave a lasting legacy, visit the AANP Foundation website at 
Article from the AANP foundations newletter April 2012 Edition


From the Florida Coalition of Advanced Pactice Nursing

Florida Medical Association and other Physician Groups File Legal Challenge to Board of Nursing Rule on Conscious Sedation
The Florida Medical Association (FMA), along with the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA), and the Florida Podiatric Medical Association (FPMA), has filed a legal challenge to the Board of Nursing’s proposed rule on the administration of conscious sedation by RNs. The physician groups claim the rule is an invalid exercise of delegated legislative authority, and that the Board of Nursing is attempting to “shoehorn” a rule regulating the administration of conscious sedation into a rule defining “unprofessional conduct”. 

The central theme of the FMA rule challenge is that the Board of Nursing has no authority to establish professional guidelines for the administration of conscious sedation by registered nurses. The physician groups argue that the proposed rule is in direct conflict with Section 464.003(2), Florida Statutes, which allows nurses to administer medications and treatments authorized by a duly authorized practitioner such as a physician. According to the FMA, the Board of Nursing cannot adopt a rule that would prohibit a nurse from administering any medication that is ordered by a physician. 

The physician groups claim that a substantial number of their members will be substantially affected by the proposed rule, because the rule would “strictly regulate the manner in which physicians practice medicine involving the use of conscious sedation.” They also suggest that the rule would substantially affect the way that physicians who employ or utilize registered nurses practice medicine in cases in which they use conscious sedation. In essence, the physician groups are arguing that individual physicians, and not the Board of Nursing, should determine what functions an RN is competent and legally able to perform.

Although the rule at issue involves conscious sedation, the main legal argument of the physician groups is that the Board of Nursing does not have legal authority to define what constitutes unprofessional conduct of a nurse. This argument could be used to attack virtually any Board of Nursing rule concerning the scope of practice of nurses. Simply put: the outcome of this rule challenge case could affect the ability of the Board of Nursing to regulate the practice of nursing in the future.

The current Board of Nursing rule on unprofessional conduct [Rule 64B9-8.005(13)] states that unprofessional conduct includes “practicing beyond the scope of the licensee’s license, educational preparation or nursing experience.” The FMA concedes that this definition of “unprofessional conduct” is probably permissible. However, the FMA suggests that the existing rule is unnecessary because Florida law already provides grounds for discipline if a nurse fails to “meet minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing nursing practice, including engaging in acts for which the licensee is not qualified by training and experience.” The FMA argues that the proposed rule is using the definition of “unprofessional conduct” as a pretext to regulate the administration of conscious sedation by registered nurses. 

The FMA rule challenge has been referred to an Administrative Law Judge at the Division of Administrative Hearings. A formal administrative hearing on the FMA rule challenge has been scheduled for June 26, 2012. The Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists has intervened in support of the Board of Nursing, and other nursing organizations are being urged to intervene or to provide support for those nursing groups that do intervene.