Nurse Practitioner Council of Collier County


Posted 7 months ago by Lisa Gonzalez

Hello Members,

During this Memorial Day weekend I ask that you reflect on the call of service. We have a dynamic Nurse Practitioner group. In order to keep our professional organization going I need a few members to consider taking on the call of duty. There are 5 positions available to start in September. The VP of education unfortunately has resigned her position. We thank her for an excellent 1 year of service. The positons available are termed out including mine. If you are interested please contact me via my personal e-mail ( The positions available are as follows.

1. VP Education- Schedule and coordinate all programs for each council meeting. Diane has arranged the meetings until December. So everything is set until next year.

2. Treasurer- Maintain complete and accurate financial records reflecting debits, credits and balances of NPCCC business. Colette will help this individul. You will not be left to figure anything out on your own.

3. Membership Chairperson- Collabortae with the treasurer to electronically send yearly membership renewal notices. Increase membership by active recruitment. Val will be able to help the next person.

4. Nominating Chairperson- "That's me". Develop and maintain a timeline for yearly council elections. Prepare an email ballot for annual elections each year. Work on revising bylaws as needed. I certainly will be available to help the next person. 

5. Member At Large- Attend all board meetings. Work on sub-committees as needed. Be available to fill vacant positions mid-term as needed, excluding President.

We have board meetings quarterly ( 4 times a year..that's it).

I hope many of you will consider taking the baton from thoes of us who have served our alloted time. It has been an honor working for all of you. Thank You.

-Lisa Gonzalez APRN ( 239-285-2897) Please call me if you have any questions.