Nurse Practitioner Council of Collier County

May 2nd dinner announcements

Posted 7 months ago by Lauren Baptista Adamczyk

Hello fellow Nurse Practitioners and our supporters! I hope you are having a fabulous 2019! If you are able to attend our dinner program tomorrow, I will be briefly discussing the importance of our Polital Action Committee (PAC). I want to encourage all of you to donate to FNPN's PAC. These are the people that are working on the front lines to make sure that we can do what we are trained and fully capable of doing. Unfortunately, in politics, money talks. BUT...the NP profession is so strong, that even if each of us gave a minimal amount, it could make a huge difference! We are closer than ever to getting full practice authority and we want to be able to continue to bring the pertinent information to our politicians. SO...if you will be at the dinner on Thursday, please bring a check or cash if you would like to make a PAC donation. If you will not be at the dinner, or if you would like to donate on line, please go to, then click on health policy and legislation on the left. A drop down will open where you will see FNPN Political Action Committee. Click on that and you will be able to make a donation to help our leaders and lobbyists fight for our profession! 

Thank you all for your hard work and contributions to the NP profession. I love and appreciate you all!

Lauren Baptista Adamczyk, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC