Nurse Practitioner Council of Collier County


Posted 10 months ago by Lisa Gonzalez

Members it's that time again. Elections for 5 postions on the Board are available. The position of 1 Member at large is critically needed. The other positons have people who are interested. However, please throw your name into the hat if interested. The positons up for a vote in this EVEN year are:

1. Member At Large: This person shall attend NPCCC board meetings quarterly with full voting privileges, work on sub-committees as needed, be available to fill vacant positions mid-term as needd excluding the President.

2. VP Education: Serve as program chair to schedule and coordinate all programs for each council meeting in collaboration with the BOD, perform duties of the president in the event of absence of the VP of Legislation, CEU's shall be provided as appropriate when available.

3. VP of Legislation: Inform members of legislative and legal issues concerning NP through computerized and meeting venues, perform duties of the president in the event of absence, coordinate Legislative activites for the council.

4. Secretary: Record the minutes of all council meetings, furnish a copy of minutes to council president, maintain a record of minutes for all meetings.

5. Marketing: Serve as a public liaison for the NPCCC, provide marketing report to the NPCCC board, record and update public functions of NPCCC members, inform of fundraisers and news tot eh community incorporating social media.

Please email me your nominations or personal consideration. Again, the MEMBER AT LARGE IS NEEDED. Thank You.

Lisa Gonzalez

Nominating Chairperson