Nurse Practitioner Council of Collier County


Posted over 2 years ago by Lisa Gonzalez

Hello Fellow Memmbers:

I spoke to Shawn today and still we don't have a nominee for her position. She has been so kind to take on this role but now it's time to pass the batton. I'm asking if anyone has any interest in helping the organization, the time is now. Shawn has expressed she will help the individual to transition. She has already secured all of the meetings and sponsors until the end of the year. The new person wouldn't have to to much until January. Please consider getting involved. I can be reached through our website email or at the dinner meeting this Wednesday 10-12-16 at 6:30.

Also, the formal induction of the new BOD will be held on Wednesday. I ask that all previous position holders be present as well as the new members elected to participate in the ceremony. Thank You.


Lisa Gonzalez

Nominating Chairperson